dental fillings

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i recently had 2 fillings done on my lower right side the 2 back teeth side by side, one of them was huge and a very deep cavity my dentist had a hard time numbing the nerve and the filling did hurt a bit,and now i have super sensitive teeth  on all the fillings this dentist has done on me in the past year (5 fillings in total)  i still have more dental work that needs doing like getting all my wisdom teeth extracted (since they have all grown in) but i am afraid to go back to him because i dont like the work he has done, however it took me forever to find a dentist and i dont think i could get another right away ,so what should i do? should i tell him i dont like his work? or should i continue getting my teeth done by him? my teeth have never been in this much pain before, it could be more than just sensitivity but i'm not sure. i almost wished i had never even bothered  going to a dentist, my teeth were  fine before all this :(
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When it gets to big stuff, I would usually think of getting a second opinion.  Now my question would be, why is it so hard for you to find a dentist? how did you find this dentist/ was it by refferal?


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You did not indicate the type of filling you got (silver amalgam or tooth colored), since pain from each has its own causes. You indicated that one filling was deep and probably approached the nerve of the tooth, in which case having tooth sensitive to hot/cold would be normal, even for up to few weeks. Undecided Now tooth colored fillings could have other causes. Placement of such a filling is much more sensitive to capabilities and competency of the practitioner then if it was a silver filling. That accounts for higher charges of these fillings vs. silver. Unfortunately many practitioners don’t get the proper training, lack the competency or cut corners due to cost/time issue Yell. With that said there are still cases in which following having work done on your teeth, the nerves within the root becomes necrotic and require root canal treatment. On the average about 5% of fillings become sensitive and about 1 out of 100 of those 5% would require root canal treatment. If you have had fillings in the past without such sensitivity and now have 5/5 fillings “Super” sensitive, maybe you should look for another dentist. There are many ways of finding quality orientated dentists. Let me know what area you are and I might be able to help you with that Cool.