facing fears head-on...but overwhelmed

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Alright, so I've taken the plunge after several years of neglect. Recently broke 12-year molar (#15) it didn't need a root canal but did need a crown build-up. So I got that work done and currently have a temporary crown until the permanent one arrive. Anyways, while I was getting the work done I also had a much needed cleaning which uncovered several other new issues. I am 33 and still have my bottom wisdom teeth (#17 and #32) which are severely impacted and need to come out, but after the recent cleaning the 12-year molars next to both (#18 and #31) have started hurting (<24 hrs after). How should I proceed from here? (1) Get the wisdom teeth taken out...then get the molars taken care of (RC and crowns or extraction?) after that, (2) deal with the hurting molars first, then the wisdom teeth (neither wisdom tooth is bothering me)...or (3) get it all done at the same time...extract #17, #32 and do #18 and #31 (RC/crown or extraction) and plan for a long intensive recovery.

I know that since the teeth are already hurting I should expect the worst, but I'd like to try and save as much of my natural teeth as possible. I am terrified of dentists as is, so I need to get more comfortable, but all this work I need to get done is really overwhelming...not mention very expensive! The prospect of doing it all at once is completely paralyzing me with fear. Coupled to the fact that I recently moved across the country and don't have a trusted companion here to assist me with recovery, I'm feeling especially nervous and apprehensive about the entire thing.

Any and all advice or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated...thanks in advance

In pain and terrified in ABQ,


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you should treat the teeth that are hurting you first. Anything else is not emergncy and can be treated later.