So unfortionatly we all know that undergrad requires you to write about and do things that you are not so thrilled about. I have a paper due in a few weeks and it has to be on argument on something going on in a dental community or well a community that has to do with my furture profession.... so my question is...if statistics say that dentist among any other medical profession have the highest suicide rate why is it that so many people continue to persure a career? my second one is that if children and people ingeneral are so afraid of dentists and going then how are practices still going strong?


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Well...I think that most dentists just think, it's not going to happend to me kind of thing. besides, there are so many things that people do, which are not so good for them anyway, so many traffic accidents, but people still drive and the amount of money they make...might be worthed taking the risk :-) LOL... Now, people are affraid of dentists, but they know it won't kill them (for the most part) it's something that's gotta be fixed! It's pain with good end result :-)
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my friend says that when she was a baby, she did not have enough iron in her system, and the doctors gave her iron injections and said it turned her teeth yellow.
is this true?
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I was just wondering how many teeth my five year old is supposed to have. Some of his friends are losing theirs already and it just feels like he's just growing more in instead of losing any.