USC Dental

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Hey everyone, what's your opinion on USC dental?
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It's a wonderful clinical school, not the best in the world as it used to be 30, 40 years ago; the down side is the pbl format created by one of the associate deans, this format works great for medical schools but not so good for dental schools according to my opinion;however, clinically the pbl program has not affect the clinical aspect so much and so usc still remains the best clinical school in california as far as I'm concerned. They have world renowned dentist as faculty. The worst thing about the school are the tuition and disorganization. Highly recommended shcool.

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When I lived in southern California 15 years ago, I used the services of USC dental shhool for lower cost dental work. Now I'm looking for something similar perhaps near Sacramento, CA or Reno, NV. I can't find anything. I can't even find emergency dental help over the weekend or during night hours in the Reno/Sparks (Northern Nevada) area.

I desperately need a tooth filled, wisdom teeth pulled, and teeth and gum cleaning but I also have to work M-F 8 to 5. When I'm in pain they just prescribe a lot of painkillers and put me on a two week waiting list. Calling 1-800-DENTIST on a weekend or holiday just gives circular recorded messages saying technical difficuties call back later or visit our website. Does anyone know a better way???

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Try the Finding A Dentist thread in this forum. There are some suggestions there.