Wisdom Teeth

So, a few days ago I hear a friend complaining about tooth ache that started and won't end, it was bad to the point that sleeping was not possible even after taking 2 extra strength Tylenols, so finally finding some numbing gel in the middle of the night and that temporarily did the magic until the next day. And so on every day the pain would come and go.  So finally a visit to the dentist’s  office is made and the verdict is that it’s a wisdom tooth that got infected or something and the dentist’s advice was to pull all three wisdom teeth, and guess what all three in the same day.  My reaction was: wait a minute…pulling one tooth is not easy although I never had a tooth pulled, but hearing it from other people.  I recommended a second opinion…now when is that going to happen, I’m not sure...but mean while here are a couple articles about pulling teeth and wisdom teeth.

Courtesy of Dr. Jerry Gordon from The Dental Comfort Zone

I hope it’s painless my friend!Embarassed

Ancient Greeks weigh in on wisdom teeth debate

Having A Tooth Pulled? Consider The Risks


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i remember the day like it was yesterday.  saturday morning, i woke up, went to the dentist, got 2 wisdom teeth pulled, took 2 advils and that night i went to a club with some friends.  the worse part of the night??? not being able to drink bc i took two advils!!!!!!!! (u were probably thinking the pain of pulling my 2 wisdom teeth would be the worst part but it was nothing :)