My Filling Is Made Of What?!

At some point in our lives almost everyone will have make at least one visit to a dentist. Of course the one visit ones being the very lucky ones for certain. The rest of us will make many visits and depending on how you care for your teeth, some of those won’t be fun.

Most people make at least annual visits to have their teeth checked by the dentist and cleaned by a dental hygienist. During the course of the exam, and combined with the amount of junk food that most of us ingest these days, chances are that you will get cavities somewhere along the way.

How to Buy Dental Insurance

Millions of people in the U.S. struggle each and every year to pay for costly dental bills. Many people believe that their dental expenses are covered by their insurance companies when in fact, they will barely cover the minimum fee for a teeth cleaning. Because so many people have come to this realization, there has been a rise in recent years of people purchasing supplemental dental insurance. Just like supplemental vision insurance, supplemental dental insurance is a policy specifically designed to help cover dental expenses for an individual and their family. There is generally an extra premium that must be paid, on top of the regular medical coverage premium, but in return, a person is able to get dental coverage that will save them and their family a lot of money. Here are a few step by step instructions on how to evaluate and buy dental insurance.

I just came across this cool website looks like it was designed for kids, but the site is an awesome guide to oral health.

There are also many explanations of the oral issues, and causes for the issues. no to mention the great prevention guide that talks about how Fluoride works.