Another killing in the news...

What else is new huh?

You turn on your TV, and it's all about killing, murder, robbery, and shootings.

Now, this is one killing some people might like, Plastic Pill to kill gum disease causing bacteria!

How do you like that? Now you can take a pill and say there is killing going on inside your mouth and be as famous as the local news channel Laughing reported yesterday that new plastic pill to kill gum disease causing bacteria can deliver medicine directly to the gum may be able to fight gum disease, according to researchers. The pill will be able to deliver bacteria-killing drugs to the infected gums and the surrounding tissues.

Researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey have called this new technology as "polyaspirin." The plastic pill contains a biodegradable plastic as well as enough space to hold three antibiotics. Another ingredient is aspirin.

Georgia dentist pleads guilty to killing wife, girlfriend

I used to hear that dentists have the highest suicide rate, are they projecting now?

what's going on? This guy admited to killing his girlfriend 14 years ago, and his wife in 2004...I knew dental students are under lots of pressure...but it sounds like this guy over dosed his pressure level.

This is sad, my condolences go out to the families of the victims.

MSNBC Article

Are you calm? We'll start working on your teeth now...


Finally a reason for people to like going to the dentist...guess what let us drill your teeth and we'll make it up to you with a cup of hot herbal tea. We'll throw in a massage also.  Did you say that's not good enough? about some heated pillows? You are still tense are you? ok! that should do it, we'll arrange for soothing hand lotion and paraffin wax treatments... by that time the patient thinks he is in a chiropractic office and forgets about the tooth issue that he originally came in for.

Do we have poison implanted in our mouths?

Go figure since the 1800's dentists have been using Amalgam or Silver fillings to fix our cavities which is basically Mercury mixed with silver, by weight it's about 50 percent mercury.  So we have it in our mouths for years, we chew on it, we brush it, we floss it, (I don't want to know what else you do with it) but guess what, all that may release vapors of mercury which has been said that significat amounts can permanently damage the brain and kidneys. Fetuses and children are especially sensitive to its harmful effects.

So now the FDA says the amounts are not significant enough to pose a danger, even though people with Amalgam fillings have showed mercury in their blood and urin samples.Yell

Wisdom Teeth

So, a few days ago I hear a friend complaining about tooth ache that started and won't end, it was bad to the point that sleeping was not possible even after taking 2 extra strength Tylenols, so finally finding some numbing gel in the middle of the night and that temporarily did the magic until the next day. And so on every day the pain would come and go.  So finally a visit to the dentist’s  office is made and the verdict is that it’s a wisdom tooth that got infected or something and the dentist’s advice was to pull all three wisdom teeth, and guess what all three in the same day.  My reaction was: wait a minute…pulling one tooth is not easy although I never had a tooth pulled, but hearing it from other people.  I recommended a second opinion…now when is that going to happen, I’m not sure...but mean while here are a couple articles about pulling teeth and wisdom teeth.