A singing toothbrush for kids

Finally, something to motivate kids to brush their teeth.

Not only it plays music to motivate the kids to brush, but it does it for 2 minutes, which is the recomended brushing time, and the tunes are more clear when the user is brushing in the correct direction, which is up and down as opposed to side to side.

What is interesting is that the tunes are transmitted by the vibration, through the jawbone and straight into the inner ear.  Now, how cool is that?

I just hope, that a few years from now, someone would not get up and say, oh! we have done a research and sounds going through the jawbone to the inner ear can cause cancer, or claim that the sounds going through the jawbone can cause your teeth to vibrate and fall off. LOL...that would be kind of funny...LOL.


Hasbro's singing toothbrush - Hasbro is giving new meaning to having a song in your head. The toy company debuted a toothbrush that transmits sound vibrations through your jawbone and plays a song straight into your inner ear.


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Do they have one that plays Snoop Doggy Dog?Cool