I just came across this cool website looks like it was designed for kids, but the site is an awesome guide to oral health.

There are also many explanations of the oral issues, and causes for the issues. no to mention the great prevention guide that talks about how Fluoride works.




How can you eat without your teeth? Yes, you can have your dentures but I doubt if you can enjoy your eating especially when the food is hard. So, tell me, how can you chew that?

Is it too late for you?

I hope not. Well, if I am right you should listen now. Take good care of your teeth.

What Tongue Piercings Do to Your Teeth

If you are considering piercing your tongue, think again. That little stud in your tongue can cause you problems with your teeth and mouth.
Tongues are typically pierced by running a needle through the front third of the tongue, from top to bottom. The first 3 days, you will notice swelling and salivation, as the mouth adjusts to a foreign body. After that, some say the worst is over. But studies say otherwise.

Brushing Your Teeth is Not Enough

Did you know that brushing your teeth is not enough to say that your mouth is clean? A notable percentage of bacteria are found on your tongue. Bacteria on the tongue can cause bad breath and may cause cavities in your teeth.

The tongue is made out of tiny buds side by side with crevices in between. These tiny buds are called papillae. Bacteria and remnants of food may remain in these crevices even if you brush your teeth. These bacteria on the tongue is actually the major cause of halitosis.