Tooth Decay in Younger Kids Is Getting Worse

   Whether it’s warming up to a cup of hot chocolate & cookies or savoring a candy cane, there are a lot of holiday treats to tempt children this time of year. You may want to keep an eye on just how much your kids are snacking. A recent study shows that the number of cavities in baby teeth is up considerably.* In fact, it’s worse than it’s been since the 1960s. A pediatric dentists explains what’s behind this troubling trend.

Do tooth whitening products cause cancer?

It was a couple years ago, that I bought some tooth whitening stripes ( I think, it was Crest)...funny enough, I open the package, put it  aside go check something on the net and boom on the front page an article that connecting oral cancer with tooth whitening ingridients.

Do you think I dared using that package? I ended up returning it...of course it doesn't happen with such a small amount of exposure...but....who cares...why try it.

Coca Cola and Teeth...

By now, I think everyone has heard that Coca-Cola will dissolve your teeth, nails, remove rust, and it is so acidic  that people use it to clean toilets...LOL

I like to hear some dentist comments on bad is it really?

Well here is what Coca-Cola has to say about it:


IU dental school disciplines 46 on cheating charges

Who would have ever thought, that by this day and age with all the high technology that's out there Dental students will try cheating?

But, I guess one password leak and that would do...

Don't you smart dental students think that repeated usage of the same password would turn on a red light?

Now, I see why some dentists mess up your teeth more when you go in for a treatment  and then just worry about charging you insurance.

Krazy glue, great for dentures...

Krazy glue, great for dentures, helps stop bleeding

After more than six decades, this super sticky substance has found a new role in the treatment of dental patients.

Krazy glue is a convenient product that can temporarily repair broken dentures, help stop bleeding after dental surgery, and I’ve heard it also has hundreds of other every day uses. The active ingredient in Krazy glue (also Super glue) is a chemical called cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacrylate was discovered by Dr. Harry Coover while working for Kodak Research Laboratories to develop an optically clear plastic for gunsights in 1942. After more than six decades, this super sticky substance has found a new role in the treatment of dental patients.