Tooth Whitening

The craze of tooth whitening, that's been going around and is getting more popular and more people gain interest in, as smokers and coffee drinkers don't want their habits to reflect their smiles.

So there are gels, the stripes, the gel with light, zoom, etc. etc.

An article on MSN Health & Fitness, breaks down the Tips & Tricks to whiter smiles.


the Article is below and here is the link to it:

How Root Canals Work


Sometimes the pulp becomes infected. When this happens, it must be removed with root canal therapy. A root canal is the only way to save the tooth. A mature tooth can survive very well without the pulp.

Tooth Anatomy

To understand how a root canal works, we need to have a basic understanding of the anatomy of the tooth. A tooth is hollow, like our bones, and is composed of several layers. The outermost layer (above the gum-line) is called the enamel. Enamel is the hardest and most mineralized substance in the body. Beneath the gum-line, a substance called cementum covers the tooth roots. Under the enamel and cementum is the dentin. The dentin is about as hard as bone, and, unlike the enamel, dentin contains nerve endings. Beneath the dentin is the dental pulp. The pulp is a vascular tissue, composed of capillaries, larger blood vessels, connective tissue, nerve fibers, and cells including odontoblasts, fibroblasts, macrophages, and lymphocytes. The pulp is needed to nourish the tooth during its growth and development. After a tooth is fully mature, the only function of the pulp is to let us know if it is damaged or infected by transmitting pain.

Ordinary dental x-rays could detect osteoporosis automatically

Source: ZeeNews

Washington, Jan 05: Manchester University dentists have created a unique way of identifying osteoporosis sufferers from ordinary dental x-rays.

Working in collaboration with colleagues at the Universities of Athens, Leuven, Amsterdam, and Malmo, they developed a software-based approach to detecting osteoporosis during routine dental x-rays, by automatically measuring the thickness of part of the patient`s lower jaw.

Natural Oral Health Solution - Has anyone else tried?


Has anyone else tried the product OraMD?  I have been mostly unable to visit a dentist regularly.   Like many others, we don't have Dental Insurance.

I had two severely broken teeth, and was still in the process of needing very expensive crowns. 

I tried the product OraMD (stated as completely natural) and have been pretty impressed with the results.  It can be used as an alternative to toothpaste (or) I should say "should be" used as an alternative to toothpaste.  Most toothpastes contain questionable ingredients.

690,000 choose new dental, vision benefits

Source: Federal Times By: Tim Kauffman

More than 690,000 employees and retirees signed up for new dental or vision insurance during the inaugural open season, far exceeding the government’s expectations.
The Office of Personnel Management, which administers federal benefits, had expected about 250,000 people to enroll in the new plans. The high interest overwhelmed the Web site dedicated to processing enrollments and forced OPM to extend enrollment for two additional weeks.