A quick look at the methods of teeth whitening

Tooth whitening , also called bleaching, is a process of lightening and removing stains from a tooth. This process bleaches the enamel and dentin, the principal mass of a tooth, and brightens the discolored teeth.

Dentists advise on the many methods of tooth whitening available in the market. Some of the methods of tooth whitening are the use of over-the-counter whitening systems; dentist dispensed at-home products, laser tooth whitening method; Loaded Tray Teeth Whitening method and in-office whitening methods. Dentists consider tooth bleaching using peroxide chemical as the best option for maximum whitening result.

How Cavities & Fillings Work

By: Dr. Jerry Gordon

This may sound a bit surprising to most people, but the large majority of cavities are completely painless. This is because the outer enamel has no nerves. It is only when the cavity enters the underlying dentin that the cavity may begin to feel sensitive.

There are very few things that most people do every single day. Into this small collection goes things like eating, sleeping and breathing. So it is amazing that, for nearly everyone in the U.S., tooth brushing falls into this category! Why, you might ask, has tooth brushing gained such tremendous importance - so much so that you have memories of tooth brushing from your earliest childhood? Because of the dreaded cavity - No one wants cavities when they visit the dentist!

Family Dental Insurance User Guide

I came across this article on Dental Insurance, it gives a good overview of Dental Insurance.

Let us first understand the idea of dental insurance.  Dental insurance is a type of insurance in which a person buys a dental insurance plan by paying a monthly or annual premium to a dental insurance company...

In turn the dental insurance company provides dental insurance coverage against dental costs.  That is if there are any dental costs borne by the insured during the insurance period, the dental insurance company will reimburse the costs incurred by the insured.

Most of the health insurance provided today has dental insurance provided in it. So usually there is no need to buy a separate dental insurance. If your medical or health insurance does not provide dental insurance , you can obtain dental insurance in your health insurance by increasing your premium by a small amount. There are tax benefits also for going for this type of dental insurance plan . In the united states, the premium you pay for health insurance is straightaway deducted from the taxable income, thereby you end up paying lesser taxes . 

Fosamax scare over jaw damage overblown

Fosamax scare over jaw damage overblown

Osteonecrosis of the jaw is a serious condition. Patients will typically feel jaw pain, swelling, teeth movement or loosening, draining of infected gum tissue, numbness and/or exposed bone.

Recent news reports about the danger of Fosamax stem from problems some patients have had with a class of drugs called bisphosphonates. A few years ago, reports surfaced of patients suffering from severe damage of the jaw (osteonecrosis) after a dental extraction. These patients were taking intravenous bisphosphonates Zometa (zolendronic acid) and Aredia (pamidronate). Oral bisphosphonates like Fosamax (alendronate), Actonel (risedronate) and Boniva (ibandronate) for the treatment of osteoporosis show a less clear link for the potential to cause osteonecrosis after dental surgery, and the risk for this complication appears to be very low.

Osteonecrosis of the jaw is a serious condition. Patients will typically feel jaw pain, swelling, teeth movement or loosening, draining of infected gum tissue, numbness and/or exposed bone. Osteonecrosis can occur several months after a dental extraction, and patients with symptoms of osteonecrosis should contact their dentist as soon as possible to evaluate the condition.

American Idol Performer Yamin Upgrades Teeth

American Idol Performer Yamin Upgrades Teeth  

Source: News Ch. 34 Binghamton, NY 

American Idol third-place winner Elliott Yamin has a new set of choppers to go along with his new songwriting deal, thanks to a California dentist.

Yamin received some $50,000 in porcelain veneers and other dental work during 20 hours in the dental chair of Dr. Davie Frey of Beverly Hills, who provided his expertise gratis, and found that the painful efforts were well worth it to put the beatific smile on his face.

Frey suggested that the changes to his mouth would help Yamin's muscle function and that alone could increase the volume of his voice.