So unfortionatly we all know that undergrad requires you to write about and do things that you are not so thrilled about. I have a paper due in a few weeks and it has to be on argument on something going on in a dental community or well a community that has to do with my furture profession.... so my question is...if statistics say that dentist among any other medical profession have the highest suicide rate why is it that so many people continue to persure a career? my second one is that if children and people ingeneral are so afraid of dentists and going then how are practices still going strong?

Dental Industry Hype

It's unfortunate that I start my first post on such a down note, but some things must be said to be overcome.

The Dental Industry and more accurately the state of Dental care in America today is dismal to say the least.

With stratospheric charges for Orthodontics and Periodontics treatments combined with basic and minimal coverage through Dental Insurance, many millions of people are facing failing health due to this convergence of conditions.

It's estimated that over 100 million Americans have no Dental Insurance at all, and 50 million more have minimal insurance.

A singing toothbrush for kids

Finally, something to motivate kids to brush their teeth.

Not only it plays music to motivate the kids to brush, but it does it for 2 minutes, which is the recomended brushing time, and the tunes are more clear when the user is brushing in the correct direction, which is up and down as opposed to side to side.

What is interesting is that the tunes are transmitted by the vibration, through the jawbone and straight into the inner ear.  Now, how cool is that?

I just hope, that a few years from now, someone would not get up and say, oh! we have done a research and sounds going through the jawbone to the inner ear can cause cancer, or claim that the sounds going through the jawbone can cause your teeth to vibrate and fall off. LOL...that would be kind of funny...LOL.

Tulsa Man Is Doing Illegal Dental Work Out Of An Apartment - KOTV

Tulsa Man Is Doing Illegal Dental Work Out Of An Apartment - KOTV -

Here we go again, another guy doing work without a license, out of his apartment, and channel 6 KOTV went in to check on it.

Tulsa Man Is Doing Illegal Dental Work Out Of An Apartment
KOTV, OK ... Lori Fullbright: “Are you Dr. Franco? Hi, we're with channel 6 and would like to ask you some questions about your dental practice. ...