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Better dental care can reduce cases of pneumonia

By MANDEEP SINGH Gulf Daily News

BETTER dental care among the elderly, especially in nursing homes, could reduce cases of a particular type of pneumonia, according to experts.

Health Ministry dental hygiene specialist Jameela Ali said aspiration pneumonia was an infection that occurs after bits of food or stomach contents are inhaled into the lungs.

"Good dental health is vital for everyone because a healthy mouth is important for speaking, chewing, and overall health," she said.

"This is why it is essential that all older adults receive good dental health care on a daily basis."

Dental care goes to the people

ST. GEORGE - Southern Utahns in need of dental care will soon reap the benefits of Dixie State College's new mobile clinic.

Generous donations from dental professionals enabled the college to recently open the mobile clinic's doors to the public for the first time Wednesday.

"Now we're going to take care to those who've had a disparity of health care," said DSC faculty member Gina Cannon. Under the supervision of advisors like Cannon, students will gain hands-on experience while providing basic care for the public and underserved populations with services from cleaning and fluoride treatments to fillings and radiographic services.

Access to basic care stems from a lack of transportation for many of the underserved, Cannon said.

Quick gulp sickens dental assistant - Florida Times-Union

Quick gulp sickens dental assistant

She calls poison control after taking a drink of Coke possibly laced with Pledge. 

Angela Rentz's Coke tasted like a shot of liquor. But the burning in her throat and oily aftertaste may have come from a few sprays of orange Pledge.

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A singing toothbrush for kids

Finally, something to motivate kids to brush their teeth.

Not only it plays music to motivate the kids to brush, but it does it for 2 minutes, which is the recomended brushing time, and the tunes are more clear when the user is brushing in the correct direction, which is up and down as opposed to side to side.

What is interesting is that the tunes are transmitted by the vibration, through the jawbone and straight into the inner ear.  Now, how cool is that?

I just hope, that a few years from now, someone would not get up and say, oh! we have done a research and sounds going through the jawbone to the inner ear can cause cancer, or claim that the sounds going through the jawbone can cause your teeth to vibrate and fall off. LOL...that would be kind of funny...LOL.

Tulsa Man Is Doing Illegal Dental Work Out Of An Apartment - KOTV

Tulsa Man Is Doing Illegal Dental Work Out Of An Apartment - KOTV -

Here we go again, another guy doing work without a license, out of his apartment, and channel 6 KOTV went in to check on it.

Tulsa Man Is Doing Illegal Dental Work Out Of An Apartment
KOTV, OK ... Lori Fullbright: “Are you Dr. Franco? Hi, we're with channel 6 and would like to ask you some questions about your dental practice. ...