Can toothpaste cause a tooth sensitivity?

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I got a bonding and a filling on a broken tooth, and I was fine for about 2 months, now after 2 months, that tooth is really sensitive, anything touches it that is a little warm or a little cold and I feel it real bad...and I'm new toothpaste might be the cause of that.

I have changed my toothpaste, could that be the reason?


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I'm pretty sure it could do that, try changing your toothpaste to another brand and see what happens.
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I have a sensitive tooth too so i changed my toothpaste to a sensitive one which helps little                          bit. I had a filling done close to that tooth and that may be what triggered it.

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I had a similar case and I changed my toothpaste to colgate, I think it was, and in a few days I was good, also there are special toothpaste for sensitivity over the counter, try them , they should do the job.