Brushing Your Teeth is Not Enough

Did you know that brushing your teeth is not enough to say that your mouth is clean? A notable percentage of bacteria are found on your tongue. Bacteria on the tongue can cause bad breath and may cause cavities in your teeth.

The tongue is made out of tiny buds side by side with crevices in between. These tiny buds are called papillae. Bacteria and remnants of food may remain in these crevices even if you brush your teeth. These bacteria on the tongue is actually the major cause of halitosis.

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Tongue cleaning is necessary, in addition to brushing, for a thorough dislodging of the plaque and mucus. In clinical tests, tongue cleaning is proven to have reduced odors and bacteria by 75%. Tongue cleaning is meant to remove bacteria, food debris, fungi, and dead cells, from the surface of the posterior of rear of the tongue.

There are various methods you can use to clean the back portion of your tongue. Both of these methods have the same objective, to scrape away the bacteria and debris that have accumulated on your tongue's surface.

On both methods of tongue cleaning you choose to use you should try to reach as far back on your tongue as possible. This may cause you to gag but it is a natural reaction, but with time this reflex should diminish.

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T o clean your tongue, you may use your toothbrush to brush your tongue. There are also tongue cleaners or scrapers. You may opt to combine these two. Brush your tongue with toothpaste and scrape it afterwards with a tongue cleaner. You won’t believe how refreshing and how clean it feels afterwards. You’ll have more confidence in speaking close range and will be sure that the person you are talking to won’t smell what you had for lunch.