How can you eat without your teeth? Yes, you can have your dentures but I doubt if you can enjoy your eating especially when the food is hard. So, tell me, how can you chew that?

Is it too late for you?

I hope not. Well, if I am right you should listen now. Take good care of your teeth.

Don’t ask how will you do that because you should know proper hygiene. Well if you are my child, I will bring you to dentist every six months to check up you teeth.  Not only your teeth but also your gum. But before that I will tell you how important the teeth in you existence. If you have gum and teeth problems you will never have fresh breath.

Do you want that to happen?

Okay, it’s up to you but prepare yourself if your friends will stay away from you because of your bad breath. Not only that, they will laugh at you because of your hygiene. Don’t be afraid to your dentist  they are not going to hurt you instead they will help you to become confident.

You can’t smile with a cavity, right? You should also take care of your temporary teeth so you will have strong permanent teeth.

If you have you permanent teeth now do all your best to take care of your teeth. After eating take a floss then brush your teeth twice a day. If there are instance that your teeth have problem visit your dentist. They are the one who can help you with your problems. If you have tremendous tooth feeling now ask your  parents to bring you in dentist. After that have a lesson. Put enough toothpaste in your toothbrush to fight cavity. Your very young to have broken tooth.

Hope you can have time to visit toothpage in internet so you can learn more in how to take care of your teeth. If you will going to love your teeth as you love yourself I assure you that you can never have tooth implant and dentures in your early age.

Hmmm, when you get older surely your parents will be happy if you will enter dental school. But it’s up you if you will dream to become a dentist. Nobody will force you to do it, just listen to your heart and think. What will I going to be someday? And you should always remember that teeth are very important to our lives.