Suggesting Dental Procedure Prices

Finally someone is going to post the suggested prices for dental procedures on line. A family member of mine was quoted $900 for a cavity, just a few weeks ago, and ofcourse she was about to have smoke come out of her ears and faint.  I think that is just too ridicules.

So, Nova Scotians will soon have access to a suggested price list for dental procedures.

The Nova Scotia Dental Association says it will post its fee schedule in the interest of transparency, after a CBC News investigation found a wide variation in prices.

Aren't you glad that the media and some TV programs crack down on scamers, and untrust worthy businesses, like a a few weeks ago I saw them crack down on some Jiffy Lube service branches, that would charge you for some work they said they would do, but never done it, or changed for parts like an oil filter, but never changed it.

Any how you can read the article HERE on the posting of suggested dental work prices on line.