Temporary Fillings

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ok, here is a weired question... How bad is it or is it bad to have a temporary filling for a very long time? Ummm...like a few years :-|
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Temporary fillings are temp. only. You should get the permanant restoration as soon as possible, because the tooth can easily decay.
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what the heck are temporary fillings? i never heard of this..
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Temporary fillings are, basically for a short period of time like, for instance something else needs to be done also, so mean while they would do a temporary filling, get the other stuff done, remove the temporary filling and then do a permanent filling.

In my case the dentist suggested a crown for a broken tooth, but he couldn't do it because of some complication that I had, so I had to see an oral surgent...so mean while he gave me a temporary filling, to seal the broken tooth so I won't have pain etc...

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this is correct