Discount dental plans VS Dental Insurance

According to the U.S. department of health and human services more than 108 million Americans do not have dental Insurance.

And I don't blame them, Dental Insurance could be pretty expensive, I think I pay about $60/month and I don't really use it (which is a good thing, not needing to use it) but then you have it just in case like everything else, from cell phone insurance to fire insurance, and hit & run insurance, etc. etc...all those just in case things that add up to your bills every month.

However Dental care is very important, you got to take care of those little rocks in your mouth, either it's to have a beatifull smile, preventing cavity pain, or just having healthy teeth so they don't fall off.

66 percent of Chinese five-year-olds suffer tooth decay

The People's Daily Reports


Nearly 66 percent of China's five-year olds have decayed teeth, although the figure is down 11 percent from a decade ago, according to the Ministry of Health.

China's third national survey on oral health showed each five-year-old child with dental disease had 3.5 decayed teeth on average last year, one tooth less than the previous decade.

"Although China has witnessed an obvious drop in dental diseases, it still lags behind the World Health Organisation (WHO) standard," said Zhang Boxue, a professor with the National Committee of Oral Health.

5 Year old girl dies after being in coma following dental sedation

A 5 year old Chicago girl, who entered a coma while sedated for undergoing a dental treatment of 2 cavities and caps being placed on her lower teeth. has passed away.

It has been said that she was given a triple dose of sedatives _ an oral agent, an intravenous drug and nitrous oxide gas _ during Saturday's exam at Little Angel Dental.

The girl's mother, Ommettress Travis, has said she was asked to leave the room during the half-hour procedure. When she returned, her daughter was lying in the dental chair, not breathing, Travis said.

From what I understand, the familys' attorneys are getting the equipment that was used during the sedation checked  by professionals, and are also checking other dental records etc. to see if their case has any merit.

Dental services in crisis as graduates cut to 1950s level

The Australian-The Nation Reports

Matthew Franklin
September 28, 2006

THE number of students graduating in dentistry has fallen to levels not seen since the 1950s, leading to calls for a major boost in university funding.

With up to 650,000 people on waiting lists for publicly funded dental care, the Australian Dental Association yesterday attacked the Howard Government for failing to properly fund dental education.

And it warned that young dentists were now unwilling to work in the public sector because they needed the higher pay offered by the private sector to cover their massive student debts.

Are kids Safe at the Dentist - CBS News Video

This turmoil all started after a 5 year old girl got into a coma after being sedated in a dental clinic in Chicago.  She was given 3 different sedatives and after the dental work was done, she never woke up, this following link is to the CBS News page which has an interview with Dr. Edward Fisher.